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Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Further to my note last week. It has been interesting to observe the media reaction to the various “Occupy” events over the weekend. A series of videos and reports are now on the BBC News site. Some of the interviews are very passionate. The overwhelming theme that runs through it all is WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Even the protesters speak a different language to each other. There are many agendas all with the common theme for change but nobody actually knowing what that change actually is. Therefore – at what stage can the protesters be satisfied? Unltimately, when will the occupation end?

This was my own question at the beginning. It was something that I felt I wanted to be involved with, I fully sympathise with the anger that the institutions that caused this global meltdown should get further help from the government at the cost to the working and middle class general public. It also incenses me that major corporations (as well as individuals) avoid paying tax on their saving – indeed working capital – by taking advantage of off-shore loopholes.

In order for “Occupy” to succeed – and get a message across that the media can relate to the people that matter, is a unified cause – an ultimate goal – without it, having a global conscience is simply wasted. There are so many positives to be gained already from the cause. Global public awareness of the injustice is the most important. This is wingless politics where people can voice for change by more than just a vote. A vote is only powerful when you can use it to create the changes you rightly want to see. Most of us that voted last year in the U.K. did NOT vote for the actions of this current government – regardless of who they voted for.

The time for change is now but it needs unity. It needs discussed in parliament – it needs answers from politicians and bankers. It needs an open public debate. Globally, it needs a platform – an international seminar where the public voice can also be heard. If we lobby as a national and global force to crack open the shell of corporate deceit we can take the protests off the street and occupy the system itself. Occupy is not political dogma it is global common sense and an inevitable consequence of corporate greed.

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