Every 5 Years I spend the Christmas break listening to the best songs ever and using a points system to work out my All-Time Top 100. Every time gets closer and closer. The Gap between 1 and 100 is tiny (and gap between 101 and 200 even smaller). So I’ve enjoyed doing this again. Arcadia’s “The Promise” spent the past 25 Years at number 1 but there have been major contenders released since the last update and a few songs that I have grown to love and appreciate more now that I did when they were first released.


  1. Simple Plan – What If (2008)
  2. The Cure – Edge of the Deep Green Sea (1992)
  3. Daughtry – Open up your Eyes (2009)
  4. Slipknot – Snuff (2009)
  5. Flyleaf – Arise (2010)
  6. Arcadia – The Promise (1986)
  7. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Grim Goodbye (2007)
  8. U2 – Drowning Man (1983)
  9. In Flames – Come Clarity (2006)
  10. Tiesto – Sweet Misery (2004)
  11. All About Eve – Are you lonely (1991)
  12. Lostprophets – 4am Forever (2006)
  13. Ex Post Facto – Ruth Ellis (1983)
  14. Innerpartysystem – What we will never know (2009)
  15. Ashley Simpson – Undiscovered (2004)
  16. Within Temptation – Forgiven (2007)
  17. Marillion – Cinderella Search (1984)
  18. B-Movie – Remembrence Day (1981)
  19. Kill Hannah – Crazy Angel (2007)
  20. Big Country – East of Eden (1984)
  21. Pearl Jam – Black (1992)
  22. Soundtrack – Crazy (1983)
  23. Evanescence – The Only One (2006)
  24. Kill Hannah – Believer (2007)
  25. 3 Doors Down – Your Arms feel like Home (2008)
  26. Mesh – Needle in a Bruise (1996)
  27. Still Remains – Stay Captive (2008)
  28. Brian McFadden – Demons (2004)
  29. Rosetta Stone – Subterfuge (1992)
  30. Bruce Springsteen – The River (1980)
  31. Icicle Works  – Lovers Day (1984)
  32. Depeche Mode – A Question of Lust (1986)
  33. Apoptygma Berzerk – In This Together (2008)
  34. Ghost Dance – Celebrate (1989 single version)
  35. My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words (2006)
  36. New Order  – Perfect Kiss (1985)
  37. The Used – Blue and Yellow (2007)
  38. Boyinaband feat Veela – Timebomb (2012)
  39. Evanescence – Taking over Me (2003)
  40. Innerpartysystem – Lover’s Dancing (2006)
  41. All About Eve – Strange Way (1991)
  42. Birthday Massacre – Goodnight (2007)
  43. Marillion – Jigsaw (1984)
  44. Blaqk Audio – Mute (2008)
  45. Air Traffic – Shooting Star (2007)
  46. Big Country – Wonderland (1984)
  47. The Church – Bel Air (1982)
  48. Tribe – Joyride (1992)
  49. The Killers – When we were Young (2005)
  50. The Veronicas – All I have (2009)
  51. The Mission – Beyond the Pale (1988)
  52. Spear of Destiny – So in love with you (1988)
  53. Evanescence – My Last Breath (2003)
  54. You me at Six – Rescue Me (2011)
  55. t.A.T.u  – All the Things She Said (2003)
  56. Animotion – Let her go (1985)
  57. Rise Against – Prayer of the Refugee (2006)
  58. Daughtry – It’s Not Over (2008)
  59. Kate Bush – Breathing (1984)
  60. Ghost Dance – Spin the Wheel (1989)
  61. Within Temptation – Shot in the Dark (2011)
  62. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Power of Love (1984)
  63. Flyleaf – All Around Me (2006)
  64. Comsat Angels – Nature Trails (1983)
  65. Marillion – Season’s End (1990)
  66. Chameleons – Second Skin (1983)
  67. The Popguns – Someone to dream of (1995)
  68. Muse – Map of the Problematique (2006)
  69. Birthday Massacre – Midnight (2010)
  70. The Cure – Love Song (1990)
  71. The Mission – Never Again (1992)
  72. Rise Against – Roadside (2006)
  73. Bolshoi – Crack in Smile (1987)
  74. Kim Wilde – Just a Feeling (1982)
  75. Go-gos – Tonight (1982)
  76. Ghost Dance – Fool’s Gold (1987)
  77. Incubus – Anna Molly (2006)
  78. Leona Lewis – Run (2008)
  79. ABC – 4 Ever 2 Gether (1982)
  80. Aurora  – To die for (2001)
  81. 30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane (2010)
  82. All About Eve – Only One Reason (1989)
  83. City Sleeps – Not an Angel (2005)
  84. Funeral for a Friend – Roses for the Dead (2004)
  85. Freefall – Skydive (2001)
  86. Clan of Xymox – This World (1998)
  87. Aha – Sun always shines on TV (1985)
  88. Snow Patrol – Set Fire to the 3rd Bar (2006)
  89. Idlewild – World in your Arms (2001)
  90. You me at Six  – Stay With Me (2010)
  91. Ghost Dance – When I Call (1987)
  92. Twelfth Night  – The Ceiling Speaks (1984)
  93. Birthday Massacre – Shiver (2009)
  94. P.O.D.  – Youth of the Nation (2005)
  95. Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch (2005)
  96. Parabelle – Your Starry Eyes (2013)
  97. Young Guns – Stitches (2010)
  98. Still Remains – Dancing with the Enemy (2009)
  99. Flyleaf – Circles (2010)
  100. Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin (1967)

Those bubbling directly under include Hambi and the Dance “L’image Craque’, Faithful Dawn ‘Forever’, Subvibe & Tide “No Words”

So Simple Plan do it by a whisker. 61 Songs remain from the previous update. The biggest casualty being Trapt “Made of Glass” that disappeared from 21 last time (was still caught in the Trapt euphoria at the time possibly).

Unity of words

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Further to my note last week. It has been interesting to observe the media reaction to the various “Occupy” events over the weekend. A series of videos and reports are now on the BBC News site. Some of the interviews are very passionate. The overwhelming theme that runs through it all is WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Even the protesters speak a different language to each other. There are many agendas all with the common theme for change but nobody actually knowing what that change actually is. Therefore – at what stage can the protesters be satisfied? Unltimately, when will the occupation end?

This was my own question at the beginning. It was something that I felt I wanted to be involved with, I fully sympathise with the anger that the institutions that caused this global meltdown should get further help from the government at the cost to the working and middle class general public. It also incenses me that major corporations (as well as individuals) avoid paying tax on their saving – indeed working capital – by taking advantage of off-shore loopholes.

In order for “Occupy” to succeed – and get a message across that the media can relate to the people that matter, is a unified cause – an ultimate goal – without it, having a global conscience is simply wasted. There are so many positives to be gained already from the cause. Global public awareness of the injustice is the most important. This is wingless politics where people can voice for change by more than just a vote. A vote is only powerful when you can use it to create the changes you rightly want to see. Most of us that voted last year in the U.K. did NOT vote for the actions of this current government – regardless of who they voted for.

The time for change is now but it needs unity. It needs discussed in parliament – it needs answers from politicians and bankers. It needs an open public debate. Globally, it needs a platform – an international seminar where the public voice can also be heard. If we lobby as a national and global force to crack open the shell of corporate deceit we can take the protests off the street and occupy the system itself. Occupy is not political dogma it is global common sense and an inevitable consequence of corporate greed.

Perspective is a brave thing but an important ingredient for life. Without it, we would never learn how to make life any better.

For the past few weeks, I have been questioning the injustice that has caused the collapse of the global markets and seen and felt the resentment of all people who are paying for this through job cuts, health cuts and increased taxes. The people who are privileged, and in a position of power, are unaffected in the same way. Sure, they may be earning £100,000 a month interest on their savings instead of £500,000, but it’s unlikely to affect their standard of living.

98 of the FTSE100 UK companies have off-shore (Tax-free accounts) anyway. I have warmed to the whole notion of the global stance against this situation with the various ‘Occupations’ in cities over the world (Good luck to all those going to London tomorrow!).

A few weeks ago I was questioning why. I was asking what could be achieved. The past is past – what is done is done. We can’t go back and change things. We have a national debt that will not just go away without sacrifice. It is only fair however, that those who ‘can’ pay ‘do’ pay. Legislation needs to change and a stance needs to be made.

However, there also needs to be perspective too. The big corporations employ hundreds of thousands of people. Our whole lifestyle and the privileges we have (our phones, our laptops, our clothes, etc.) we do so because of these big corporations. Money is a motivator and in itself isn’t wrong. We all have ambitions, we all do our education – go to university for a better prospect of a career – and that is money motivated. We are also privileged in this country (as are the Americans) in that we have a culture and a lifestyle that even enables us to do so. Look at many third-world (is that even politically correct to say now?) countries where simply to get a daily meal is something to be grateful for.

There needs to be a unified voice for the protestors – not just a random set of ideals that say ‘we are the voice of the people’. It needs to be done right with a global understanding of the cause itself. At Occupy Wall Street there are a mix of very educated and motivated people making a peaceful, yet forceful protest. You also have the under-privileged, often homeless and uneducated people who are making their own personal stand out of jealousy against the ‘haves’, and some of these are attacking the system in unethical ways.

I urge people to get involved – do whatever you can to be heard and have a voice – but at the same time – KEEP perspective. Don’t use this as a personal attack against the corporations. Look at the root of the problem and attack there. You have a voice, not just a vote. Fight for positive changes and challenge the conscience of the government and the corporations. Use media as an ally but be aware that it’s a two-way street, be respectful of others.

Lay your own roots and above all DARE TO DREAM. You can’t fight negative with negative, live your dreams and look at what you have and use it to your best ability. The most valuable thing you have is time – spend it wisely.

My First Blog

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It will probably take a while to get my head around a blogger, but I have been wanting to do one for a while. Writing my rants or ideas on a Facebook status seems a bit lame and futile. My mind is full of observations on life. I am a positive thinker and fully believe the power of positive over negative thinking, but try to retain humour and irony through it all.

It matters not if anybody reads this, I don’t seek attention but it will be good release for me. If anybody does stumble upon my thoughts with any level of inspiration for their own lives then it will be a bonus. It will be nice to speak to like-minded people too.